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Total area: 14.6 in²
Template/planform area: 13.6 in²
Finlets area: 1.1 in²
Height/depth: 5.7 in
Rake/sweepback: 22°
Foil section: symmetrical (double)
Anti-cavitation trailing edge
Stiffness: semi-flex or stiff
Colors: gloss black, blue, matte black
Fits FCS (and Futures with adapter)

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FinSciences 5.7 inch fin is 14.6 sq. inches in area, and is available in semi-flex black, semi-flex translucent blue, and in matte-black stiff (we're sold out of stiff fins currently).

This larger shortboard fin is for heavier surfers, and for use in a thruster or quad setup, or even as a single fin.

Also for use as sidebites--for bigger surfers, bigger boards, and for those who want or need more fin.

Check out our fin-size calculator >>

The semi-flex has a small amount of tip deflection under load, whereas the matte black is very stiff.

The key design concept behind our fins, as with modern airplane wings and boat keels, is that we chop off about 20 to 30 percent of a typical fin's inefficient area, then reposition about 5 percent, and add it back on as winglets or finlets. We do a couple other things to make our fins more efficient.

The end result is that our fins are smaller than other fins, yet the produce similar hold and drive--i.e. lift--but with less drag.  Read more about hold, drive, lift and drag.

Every square inch of fin you have in the water creates friction--it's skin-friction drag.  So if you have less fin area, you'll have less drag, quicker acceleration, easier paddling, and longer surf sessions before your arms tire.

Heavier surfers (185-plus) can use three, lighter surfers can probably get away with only two--especially if you have a five-slot board--you can use the rear quad placement.  And you can mix and match with the small fins.

FCS-to-Futures fin adapter

FCS-to-Futures fin adapter



  • Area: 14.6 square inches made up of 13.38 sq. inches in the fin plus 1 sq. inch in the finlets.
  • Depth: 5.7 inches--tall, but thin, high-aspect ratio.
  • Sweep/rake angle: 21.93 degrees
  • Foil: double, i.e. symmetrical double-zero
  • Semi-flex, or stiff
  • Anti-cavitation trailing edge
  • Color: glossy (semi-flex) or matte black (stiff)
  • Fits FCS
  • Adapter available: If you want to fit this fin into a standard longboard fin box, try this link.

Shipping is approximately $9 in domestic U.S. and internationally, about $24 internationally, adjusted based on the number of fins purchased and on shipping options. Three of these weigh in at less than 13 ounces, so I can ship them via First Class (US about $4, international about $16), instead of Priority Mail (US about $7, international about $40). If your cart shipping charges vary from these amounts significantly, contact us with your desired order and your exact shipping address, we'll recalculate the charges for the cheapest rate available, and send you an invoice via PayPal. If you live in New Zealand, check to see whether you can use it as a shipping intermediary, in which event it gives you a US address for shipping.

Sizing of FSI Fins Compared to Typical Fins

Our fins have a lot of power. They generate a lot of hold and drive for their small size. [highlight]Winglets and other features we use make fins about 20 to 30 percent more efficient than larger, older styles,[/highlight] so you need to downsize by about 20 to 30 percent as compared to the fin or set of fins you typically use.

FSI fins produce more lift than their size suggests--this is the key concept of FSI fins. The smaller area still gets good hold--and the smaller area means less drag, more speed, acceleration, easier paddling, and longer surf sessions.

Example: If you typically surf a set of mediums in a thruster setup, fins that are usually about 14.5 sq. inches each, you are surfing 43.5 sq. inches of fin. Try our smalls. Our new small is 10.14 sq. inches, and a set of three is 30.42 square inches, a 30 percent reduction in fin surface area, and a 30 percent reduction in skin-friction drag.

Another example: If your longboard or SUP board has a center fin and two sidebites, calculate the area, then try downsizing--try pulling off the sidebites and going with a single Wavegrinder or Wavegrinder 2 longboard-SUP fin. You will dramatically decrease the area, yet still get good hold and drive because of the winglets and other features of our fins.

FSI Fins, Areas in Sets

Because FSI's current fins are symmetric, you can either get a set of the same fins, or mix smaller and larger fins to get the ride you want.

Check out our fin-size calculator >>

Additional information

Weight3.5 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 3.1 × 1.2 in
Color & Stiffness:

Semi-flex translucent blue, Semi-flex gloss black


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